Grattan Race Series Rules – 2016

Rev 3/14/2014


  • Rider must wear a securely fastened helmet AT ALL TIMES! (Including the parking lot).
  • No one is allowed on the track before 6:00
  • Only registered riders may ride on the track.
  • Vehicles are not allowed on the track at any time.
  • Spectators must stay on the grassy area north of the tracks straightaway.
  • Spectators may not walk across or around the track.
  • Minor children must be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  • The owners of Grattan Raceway Park do not allow pets on their premises (leashed or unleashed).
  • Anyone wishing to take photos/video may take them from the spectator area. Anyone taking photos/video for any purpose other Personal use must obtain written permission from the Grattan Race Series (GRS) Director.
  • Flyers/leaflets for other events may be placed at the registration table ONLY.  They may NOT be posted, distributed by hand or placed on vehicles.   Any “actions” shall take place only with the prior approval of the Grattan Race Directors.

Races take place rain or shine.
In case of lightning, races will be stopped immediately and will only be resumed if the danger passes.
If GRS Officials determine that the danger will exist for the duration of the evening, the last complete lap of the race shall be scored as the Finish.

GRS Officials will make ALL determinations of class placement.
The GRS has competition for 2 classes: “A” & “B”
“A” Class participation requires previous GRS participation or a current USAC minimum Cat 3 license.
All other riders will be placed in the “B” Class.
Classes may not ride together. (“A’s” must not ride with “B’s” – “B’s” must not ride with “A’s”)
Riders may request to change classes. No class change will be made the night of the race.
All requests must be made before race day and GRS Officials will make ALL class placement decisions.

Registration opens at 5:30 pm and closes at 6:30 pm.
Anyone wishing to ride the track (racing or not) must complete an entry/release of liability form.
The form and fee must be presented to registration before entering the track.
Riders must fill out an entry/release EACH night they race.
Season Riders only need to complete ONE entry/release of liability form per season.
Riders under the age of 18 MUST have a Parent/Legal Guardian present to sign of their on the Entry/Release of Liability Form.

5:30-6:30 Registration
6:00 Track Opens
6:15-6:30 Kids Races (Every 2nd and last Wednesday of each month)
6:40 Non-racers exit track & race announcements
6:45 Racing

Numbers may not be folded, trimmed, crumpled or otherwise defaced.
Season riders will retain the same number for the entire season.
Lost numbers will be replaced for $5.00.
One night riders are asked to return their number at the end of each night’s race.

NUMBER PLACEMENT (See diagram at Registration)
Good results are dependent upon good number placement
Numbers must be positioned horizontally when the rider is in the racing position.
The lower corner of the number placed in the rider’s “arm pit”.
The bottom edge of the number should be placed horizontally along the rider’s mid-line.
Numbers must be secured with at least 4 pins (1 in each corner).
“A”s numbers will be placed on the right.
“B”s numbers will be placed on the left.

The direction of each night’s race will be indicated by an arrow placed on a pylon at the entrance to the track.

“A” Riders WHITE Lap Cards, Bell & Officials will be on the RIGHT side at the Start/Finish Line.
“B” Riders YELLOW Lap Cards, Bell & Officials will be on the LEFT side at the Start/Finish Line.

Grattan Race Series is a season long event. All riders are scored every night.
Rider’s points are dependent on field size. Each night’s winner receives as many Grattan Points as there are riders in their field. Each successive finisher receives one less point.

Grattan is a circuit race. There are no free laps.
Riders can claim a mishap (a crash, flat or equipment other failure) but must report to the Officials when leaving and before returning to the track. Riders who have a mishap will be scored as lapped.

“B” Riders that fall 2 minutes behind the leaders of their field will be stopped at the Start/Finish line by an Official. They will be put back into the race on the next lap. These riders are scored as lapped. Lapped riders must retire from the race when they see 2 Laps to go. Lapped riders share points regardless of how many times.

Results will be announced as soon as possible after the finish of each night’s race.
Nightly Results are posted early Thursday mornings at
A copy of each night’s race will be posted at registration the following week.
The Monthly and Season Standings will be mailed to each of the Sponsoring Shops at the end of each month.
All finishes are videoed. Riders are encouraged to join the Officials in the building at the northwest corner of the parking lot to review the video. The review takes place immediately after the Finish of each night’s last Race.
Any challenges to the posted Results must be presented before Friday midnight.

“A” and “B” class results will be categorized by age.
The Age Graded categories are: 35-44, 45-54, 55+ and Women (no age differentiation) –
A Rider’s Racing Age is his/her age on December 31st of the current year.

Officials reserve the right to penalize a Racer for his/her misconduct. Officials may warn, relegate or disqualify a rider for misconduct.
The following are some, but not all, of the actions that constitute misconduct: foul riding, foul language, taking hands off the handlebar at the Finish Line, entering a race without having checked in with the Officials, “Taking a lap” anywhere but at the Start/Finish line,
Misconduct of any individual rider, may result in penalties to other members of the same Team.